Tel Aviv University's beautiful main entrance

LLM students have an overnight tour visiting important sites in Israel

LLM students enjoy a tasting tour in one of Tel Aviv's markets

LLM students visit Google offices in Tel Aviv

LLM students in a private meeting with Supreme Court Justice Daphne Barak-Erez

International LL.M. students may pursue a general course of study or concentrate their studies in one of the following topics, which will be noted on their final transcripts:

  • Global Governance & Human Rights

  • Law & Technology

  • Law & Business


The LL.M. degree requires students to take 32 credits total in order to complete the Program - students may take up to 36 credits if desired. 


Every LL.M. student must take these five core courses - 10 credits total 

  • Introduction to Israeli Law - 2 credits
  • Introduction to Law & Society - 2 credits
  • Introduction to Law & Economics - 2 credits
  • Contemporary Issues in Israel - 2 credits
  • Scholar's Workshop: Legal Theory - 2 credits

Every LL.M. student must take one workshop - 3 credits total 

  • Information Technology Law  - 3 credits
  • International Law - 3 credits
  • Law and Economics - 3 credits
  • Law and Political Thought - 3 credits
  • Private Law Theory - 3 credits

Students must take one seminar offered in their specialization. General studies students may take any seminar. - 3 credits total 

  • International Humanitarian Law (Global Goverance & Human Rights) - 3 credits
  • Information Technology Law (Technology) - 3 credits
  • Business Law: Transnational Perspectives (Business) - 3 credits

Courses are generally 2 credits each. Check the course descriptions for details. - 16 credits total 

  • General studies: Students may choose from any of the courses. 
  • Concentration: Students must take at least 4 courses in their concentration. The remaining credits may be taken from any concentration or electives. 

The courses refer to the 2016-2017 academic year - please be aware that courses and professors change each year.