Studying law in Israel is different than anywhere else in the world.

The juxtaposition of the old and the new, the East meeting the West.

These are just some of the concepts evident in the philosophy and uniqueness of Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law.

From the cradle of world religions for millennia, Israel has emerged as a nation deeply integrated into global trade and knowledge transfer. We have a front-row seat to the issues critical to today’s world precisely because of where we are located on the map.

Content emerging from the classroom will be explored through tours and activities that will familiarize you with the country and its legal complexities. Internships in legal clinics, NGOs and law offices will transform your classroom studies into real world applications. International students are invited to explore Israel’s unique circumstances under the guidance of our top faculty members and to network with their Israeli peers.

Top American law school deans regularly invite members of our faculty to be Visiting Professors at their universities, and encourage their own professors to teach here. I am proud that the Faculty of Law is so highly respected and well-known as the #1 law school in Israel and as one of the top five law schools outside of the United States.

I look forward to seeing you on campus,

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Professor Ron Harris