Did you know?

  • Lonely Planet travel guide ranked Tel Aviv third in a list of "the world's best cities" as well as one of the world's "most vibrant cities for nightlife."

  • National Geographic ranked Tel Aviv as one of the world's top 10 beach cities.

  • The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek magazine rated Tel Aviv as one of the top 10 technologically influential cities in the world.

  • The Huffington Post named Tel Aviv among the 10 best beach cities in the world. 

  • The Globe and Mail listed Tel Aviv as one of the world's most creative cities.

  • Conde Nast travel magazine dubbed Tel Aviv as one of the world's best cities for architecture. 

  • MasterCard included Tel Aviv among the world's top destinations in 2012.

  • Travelers Digest magazine says Tel Aviv is home to the most beautiful people in the world.

  • Tel Aviv, aka "The White City", is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Tel Aviv is home to over 5,000 Bauhaus buildings - the largest concentration in the world.   


Tel Aviv is a global city, rich in diversity and culture. Within its bustling metropolis is Tel Aviv University, home to over 1,000 international students in diverse programs. With 14 kilometers of white sandy beach and 300 days of sunshine a year, Tel Aviv's friendly and liberal vibe is unbeatable. The city offers a rare blend of world-class culture and global innovation, and boasts one of the world's leading nightlife scenes. Home to hundreds of theatres, music venues and galleries, the world's largest grouping of Bauhaus architecture, and some of the world's best parties, it's no wonder the New York Times declared Tel Aviv the 'Capital of Mediterranean Cool'. Tel Aviv's young energy is contagious and between the bars, cafés, restaurants, and street parties, the city runs on full energy 24/7. Surfers, trendy boutiques, sizzling beaches, gourmet cuisine, parks and green spaces – the city thrives on the unexpected, the diverse and the spontaneous. 

Its thriving, accessible startup ecosystem is rivaled only by the Silicon Valley and is fed by Tel Aviv's unparalleled culture of innovation and young, creative energy. Venture capital firms, seed funds and accelerators, co-working spaces, free Wi-Fi, global events, major international hi-tech firms, leading research and academic institutions, and the highest density of startups per square kilometer in the world – it's no wonder Tel Aviv was ranked one of the two most innovative cities in the world by the Wall Street Journal, and one of the top three tourist destinations by Lonely Planet. Set to the backdrop of a cutting-edge art scene, beautiful beaches, outdoor cafes, urban edge, and a thriving culinary scene, Tel Aviv is not just a global business center, but also the ultimate Nonstop City. Learn more about Tel Aviv's startup ecosystem.